Today I tried doing the impossible. Not impossible for the most of you, but for me. You see I am many things, or at least I try to be. But there are a couple things I know I can’t do. And that I say with untampered confidence. I just can’t. Those few things include - cooking, singing, playing instruments, cleaning, shaving, making bed… Okay! There are more than just a couple things, I could easily go on and on.


How did you imagine your first time at the beach would be? Cool breeze hitting your hair, you lying down on a porch, enjoying sips of cocktail you love and getting lost in the moment. No thought of a second before or a second after. Just in the moment. This was what I imagined my time at the beach would be. That was how I had envisioned my time with the sea.


Hello there, It is 9:43 pm now and I have started writing this letter. The date is 6th of June, 2020. The year we all can’t wait to get over with. We are already half way through it and every day is a big bad surprise. Honestly, it has been really tough six months. The whole world seems as though they have been grief skricken and considering you are a part of it, I have come up with something that could be of help.


I often think about this conversation Rachel had with her dad where she exclaims about how she doesn’t want to be a shoe. She says, “What if I’d want to be a purse, or a hat?” Sure, it was a metaphor, but it immensely struck me and it has every right to. She was totally correct which perhaps was one of the reasons the pilot was such a success. Today, however, we are not talking about Friends, although that would be a topic of interest to you, possibly more than what I am about to say now.


Disclaimer This will probably undergo countless changes before it gets published somewhere (if it ever does). But this is my space and it is just the way I intended it to be (minus some changes in favor of my work place). When I graduated college and was far from confident about my future, I had a couple of options in front of me. Each had its own set of challenges and each had their benefits.


A couple weeks back I joined twitter to compensate my free time. And I know how dangerous the free time for yourself can be. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, they come souring up and hit you where you don’t want. So, I decided to do a different unproductive work as opposed to doing nothing. Surprisingly, my experiences there have been better than expected. Yes, of course I do the most important thing everyone else does in twitter - being someone you aren’t, but there are others too.


I had been meaning to do this for a long time now. I had always imagined having a great blog that connects the best of two worlds - development and philosophy. But all this time I had done nothing but imagine. This is my first step towards bringing that to life. While I don’t know how well I can mix the two, but I sure as hell gonna try. Perhaps, my first baby step, validates my motive - I am writing my thoughts down in a Code Editor.